Allison Williams working towards building better tolerance for horror movies

Allison Williams admitted working in the horror genre hasn’t made watching the movies any easier.

Allison Williams wants to build up a better tolerance for horror movies now that she works so much in the genre.

In recent years, the Girls actress has become known for her work in horror movies such as Get Out, The Perfection, and M3GAN. However, even though she knows how horrors get made, she still struggles to watch them in real life.

“The truth is I have a really low tolerance for horror, meaning when I watch a scary movie, it affects my sleep for a while. For real,” she told “I saw the trailer to (2022 horror) Smile and I couldn’t sleep for two days.

“This is not a strong horror system, which is funny because I work in this genre now quite a bit, and I love the people who make these movies, and I love the people who watch these movies. I’m going to work towards building a better tolerance for it. You’d think because I make them, they wouldn’t be that scary, because I know the secrets of it, but absolutely not.”

The 35-year-old, who is working on a sequel to M3GAN, cited films such as The Sixth Sense, The Ring, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Shining as some of her favourite horror movies but confessed that she’s been “too scared to watch them again”.

Williams went on to explain that the genre makes her forget she’s an actor who has insider knowledge of horror movie production.

“I find it the genre that most makes me forget what I do for a living. It pulls me in and then I lose the sense of safety in the world, I’m coming back into my bedroom after watching and I’m under the bed looking for who knows what?” she shared. “It doesn’t come from a logical place, it bypasses my brain and just goes right to my fear centre, it’s a sign of a good movie.”

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