Alexandra Shipp was excited by prospect of offending men with Barbie movie

Barbie has come under fire from certain critics who have labelled it too feminist.

Alexandra Shipp was “so excited” by the prospect of offending men with Barbie.

After Greta Gerwig’s movie was released on 21 July, it came under fire some certain critics who claimed it was too feminist, “woke”, “anti-man”, or inappropriate for younger audiences.

In a chat for Interview Magazine before the film’s release, Shipp insisted she was excited by the prospect of offending male viewers.

“If we offend men, I’m going to be so excited,” she said. “Let’s make them all uncomfortable. That would be really great. Because maybe a lot of the things that the Kens do that might make them upset are things that they actually do, too. We love a mirrored image, babe. I think the world takes art and metaphors a little too seriously at times.

“(The film is) slapstick as f**k. It’s Barbie Land, it’s camp. True art is agitation propaganda. It’s about making your audience think and question what they’re actually doing and why they’re doing it.”

The 32-year-old, who plays Writer Barbie in the film, insisted there is nothing inappropriate for children in the movie and stated that people who have a problem with the queer undertones in the feature should stay away from the cinema.

“It’s most certainly for everyone because there’s no scene, in my opinion, that would be inappropriate for a child to see,” she asserted. “If you can’t say gay, stay the f**k out of the theater. I don’t want you coming to my movie.

“I can’t speak for anyone else, but as a queer woman who has queer people in her life that she loves – if I’ve had to watch a Prince Charming wake up Sleeping Beauty without consent my entire life, then I’m sure you can stand to go see a Barbie movie.”

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