Adam McKay planning new satire about ‘dirty money’

Adam McKay is frustrated he couldn’t make a The Boys film.

Filmmaker Adam McKay already has his next target in his sights – “big, dirty money”.

The director took on the world of high finance and the 2008 crash in The Big Short, but moved from filming versions of true stories to his own fictional work with 2021 environmental satire Don’t Look Up.

Now he says he’s working on a new script.

“If the last movie (Don’t Look Up) was about the outcome of what’s broken about us, that we’re staring at the collapse of the liveable climate, this one is more about the actual arterial blocks in our hearts, what’s causing it, which is, of course, big, dirty money,” he said during a Q&A at the Tribeca Film Festival, according to Deadline. “And it’s a comedy as well… blended with drama, but I would overall call it a comedy.”

One film McKay didn’t get to make was an adaptation of Garth Ennis’ comic book series The Boys as he was knocked back due to its R-rated material and superhero subject matter. However, a streaming adaptation has now proved a major hit for Amazon Studios.

He has no hard feelings about the missed opportunity, however, saying: “I have no complaints. There are 10,000 other filmmakers that can complain more than me. But that would have been a cool movie… I was dying to do that movie.”

In addition to his new film he’s also writing the HBO Max anthology series The Uninhabitable Earth based on the David Wallace-Wells book, and says he views it as a work of urgency to get the message across about climate change.

“We have less than eight years before we cross the tipping point of a liveable planet,” he explains. “No one is even arguing with that and yet we are all like ‘Johnny Depp, Amber Heard.’ So you have to laugh at it, but you also have to get to work on it.”

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