Adam Driver shuts down audience member’s question during Ferrari discussion

One audience member described a crash scene as “cheesy”.

Adam Driver gave an abrupt response to an audience member who made a critical comment about his movie Ferrari during a Q&A at the Camerimage Film Festival on Sunday.

In a video posted to X/Twitter, the audience member can be heard posing a question to Driver during the film’s post-screening Q&A at the Polish film festival.

“What do you think about (the) crash scenes? They looked pretty harsh, drastic and, I must say, cheesy for me,” he asked. “What do you think?”

The 39-year-old actor took a sip of water and then nonchalantly replied, “F**k you, I don’t know? Next question.”

The star’s curt response attracted gasps and laughter from the crowd.

Driver attended the cinematography-oriented film festival to accept the Special EnergaCamerimage Award for an Actor and to introduce the film, one of the titles in the Camerimage Main Competition.

Driver stars in the leading role of Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann’s biographical drama alongside Penelope Cruz, who portrays his wife, Laura Ferrari.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in October, Mann explained that viewers expecting a racing movie will be disappointed.

“This is not a racing movie,” the 80-year-old filmmaker said. “This is really a movie behind racing, behind Ferrari. Three very torrid months in the life of Ferrari, his wife, Laura, both in grief over the death of their son, Dino, a year earlier.”

Ferrari will be released in cinemas from 25 December.

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