Adam Driver intrigued by exploration of grief in 65 movie

New movie 65, also starring Ariana Greenblatt, is now showing in cinemas.

Adam Driver was initially drawn to new movie 65 due to the exploration of grief in the plot.

In the upcoming sci-fi action-thriller, the Marriage Story actor plays Mills, a pilot who crashes on an unknown planet and becomes depressed until he finds a lone survivor named Koa (Ariana Greenblatt).

Reflecting on what attracted him to the role during an interview for Collider, Adam explained that he connected with the depiction of universal topics such as family and grief.

“It was dinosaurs and laser guns and spaceships crashing, and it didn’t seem somewhat rare to get asked to do that, but that also is kind of ancillary to it being a movie that is really kind of a father-daughter movie,” he said. “But, the idea that it was about two people from a completely different background facing this obvious threat that no one had a precedent for, and through that become found family based on this common thing of grief. And him denying it because everything that he sees in her reminds him of his own daughter, and he’s denying that feeling as much as possible until they can’t anymore. It seems like a unique thing to do in a big-scale movie like this.”

Despite some of the more intense subject matter, Adam also confessed that he was excited to appear in a dinosaur movie too.

“I mean, Jurassic Park, for me – the first one – watching it in theatres was a big seminal moment, and, you know, it’s dinosaurs and T. rexes, it’s f**king great,” he smiled.

65 is now showing in cinemas.

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