Ruth Wilson: 'Every day was exhausting on Dark River shoot'

Ruth Wilson and the film’s cast and crew would shake off the week's work down the pub.

Ruth Wilson was exhausted at the end of every day shooting Dark River due to the film's challenging subject matter.

In the independent drama, The Affair star plays sheep farmer Alice, who returns home after 15 years to claim the tenancy of the family farm following the death of her father. This causes friction with her brother Joe (Mark Stanley), who still lives there, and the siblings struggle to come to terms with the abuse Alice suffered there growing up.

Ruth admits the heavy going storyline meant every day was emotionally draining.

"It was intense, but it was only five weeks; it wasn't four months long," she told OK! magazine. "But it was intense and full on and every day was exhausting.

"We also had a church bell that would go off in (English town) Skipton and would keep us awake all night, so there was insomnia in the crew."

The British star knew that Dark River would be a difficult shoot when she read the script but wanted to take it on because she felt the story needed to be told.

"It felt like a huge challenge, both physically and emotionally, about a subject matter that is not really touched upon but, as we now realise, is everywhere and needs to be discussed," she explained. "It had all the things I look for - challenge, sensitive material and subject matter and a great person at the helm."

However, the cast and crew made sure they didn't let the material get them down and knew exactly how to relax after a hard day's work.

"Mark's a barrel of laughs in real life and we'd all go to the pub and let go of it at the end of the night," she said. "There was quite a lot of alcohol on Friday nights, thanks to Tracy (O'Riordan, producer) who would provide us all with drinks."

Dark River, directed by Clio Barnard, is in U.K. cinemas now.

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