Joel Edgerton talked to former CIA agent as part of Red Sparrow preparation

Joel Edgerton was fascinated by spies as a youngster and considered them to be superhuman.

Joel Edgerton learned to find the humanity in spies after having a chat with a former CIA operative in preparation for his new movie Red Sparrow.

The Australian actor was fascinated by spies when growing up and considered them to be superhuman, but he realised they were just normal people after having a chat with ex-CIA officer Jason Matthews, who wrote the 2013 Red Sparrow novel, in preparation for his role of Nate Nash, a CIA agent who is the target for Jennifer Lawrence's Russian spy character Dominika.

When asked how he prepared for the role, Joel told Cover Media at the film's London premiere, "I like to think the first port of information is the script and if I can't find the information I need, I go beyond that. The beauty of this is the script is based on a novel by Jason Matthews and he was an ex-CIA operative so I had conversations with him.

"The greatest thing I learned from him was just to really get in touch with the humanity of any of these operatives... Yeah, there's a certain sense of elevated experience about what they do for a living and how they live their lives, but at the end of the day they've still got to put their socks on in the morning and go to sleep at night and wake up and cook breakfast."

The Black Mass actor admitted he was sold on the genre of the movie because he was so interested in the spy world as a kid, even having his own spy kit that included binoculars and a recording device when he was 10 years old.

Director Francis Lawrence, no relation to Jennifer, also explained that the script was quite different to the novel as they decided to focus on Dominika and her swaying allegiances, rather than on both her and Nate. He also teased that fans of the novel will be in for a surprise as the ending is different.

Red Sparrow hit cinemas from 1 March (18).

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