Alex Wolff doesn’t regret movie burn out after hectic year

Alex Wolff worries he’ll have an anxiety attack from boredom if he isn’t working.

Alex Wolff was burnt out after filming four movies back to back but doesn’t regret saying yes to them all.

Former Nickelodeon star Alex successfully made the leap to mainstream Hollywood when he was cast in 2016’s My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. He’s since gone on to star in Boston bombing drama Patriots Day and has Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle coming out before the year ends.

“I'd say my life is pretty hectic, but I like it that way,” he told Flaunt magazine. “I go crazy if I have nothing to do so I'm constantly making sure I'm stimulated creatively so I don't have an anxiety attack from boredom. But doing so many movies in a row last year definitely had a pretty substantial effect on my psyche. Going from role to role is sort of like jumping from a full relationship to another full relationship quickly; you go through all the stages of them in a month or two.

“By the end you're pretty burnt out. But the roles were so exceptional and exciting that it was impossible not to want to completely throw yourself into each one. I actually found coming out of the roles and going back to real life much harder than moving from one to another.”

One of the reasons why it’s so hard to adjust back to normal life is because the 20-year-old finds it difficult to get out of the headspace of certain characters. And when it comes to taking on a tough role, Alex often feels exhausted after filming wraps.

“If it's a miserable experience and you hated being a character and it's emotionally taxing, you're exhausted coming home and don't feel back to normal for a little while,” he revealed. “You sleep a s**t tonne or not at all. Shaking off the role or the experience of the movie is harder than anything else in my opinion.”

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