Greta Gerwig penned letter to Justin Timberlake seeking song use permission

The star has fallen in love with directing after her first attempt.

Actress Greta Gerwig wrote personal letters to Justin Timberlake, Dave Matthews, and Alanis Morissette asking for permission to use their songs for her directorial debut.

The Frances Ha star stepped behind the camera to shoot Lady Bird, a comedy/drama which explores the relationship between a mother and daughter in the early 2000s.

Greta, who also wrote the script, wanted to use music which was popular at the time for the film's soundtrack, but instead of having producers source the songs from various record labels, she decided to pen individual notes to each musician instead.

"I'm sort of old-fashioned... so I wrote Dave Matthews a letter, Alanis Morissette a letter, and Justin Timberlake a letter, and it was all like, 'Dear Mr. Timberlake...,'" she shared on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America.

The personal touch worked wonders and Greta was able to use all the tracks she had picked out.

She continued, "They (artists) all were so generous and wonderful and said yes, and I'm so grateful to them because it really makes the movie feel like it takes place in that time."

Lady Bird stars Saoirse Ronan, with Laurie Metcalf as her mother, and Greta thoroughly enjoyed her first stint as a director.

"It's my favourite thing I've ever done, I love it so much!" she gushed. "There's nothing more thrilling than watching great actors say things that you wrote and bring them to life. It's so exciting."

The project is already generating a lot of awards season buzz, and Greta couldn't be more grateful for the warm reception.

She said, "It's so amazing because I just know how much love everyone put into it, who made it (sic)... and it just feels like getting it (love) back is what you make it for, and you never know (how it's going to be received), but it feels amazing."

And the 34-year-old hopes women will be so moved by the storyline, they will reach out to their mothers or daughters after viewing the film.

"I want them to call their mums, and the mums I want them to call their daughters," she smiled. "It's really a mother-daughter love story that has a lot of conflict, but it's about how much love there is and how rich that relationship is, and it's funny, but I think it will also make you cry and call your mum."

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