Tom Cruise back to work on M:I6 in October

The injured action man won't let a broken ankle stop him from promoting the U.S. release of his new movie American Made.

Tom Cruise will return to the set of Mission: Impossible 6 at the beginning of next month (Oct17) after smashing up his ankle during a stunt in London.

The action man had to limp away from the production last month (Aug17) after breaking his ankle in a building jump scene, and initial reports suggested he would be out of action for nine weeks.

But, in typical Cruise fashion, he insists he'll be ready to go by the beginning of next month.

"It's good, man... I’m gonna start shooting in a couple weeks," Tom tells news show Extra, joking he's glad M:I6 director Christopher McQuarrie was filming when he shattered his ankle.

"I was like, 'We better have been rolling on that'," he smiles.

Tom is already back at work from a seated position, promoting the U.S. release of his new action thriller American Made, in which he plays a real-life airline pilot who became a drug-smuggling CIA informant.

The 55-year-old star, who is an avid pilot himself, made the most of his time between takes on the set, taking cast and crew on wild fly-overs.

"We had so much fun," he explains. "I gave them (cast and crew) some flights."

Tom also bared his butt for the movie, insisting the naked behind shots were really him.

"I do my own mooning," he chuckles. "I do my own acting, my own stunts, my own mooning... That’s raw, that’s untouched."

American Made hits U.S. cinemas on 29 September (17) after already topping the box office charts in the U.K.

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