Michelle Monaghan knocked out Jamie Foxx's tooth on Sleepless set

The actress packs a mean punch.

Jamie Foxx was left with a gap in his gums after his Sleepless co-star Michelle Monaghan knocked out his tooth.

The actors play tough investigators in the upcoming criminal underworld thriller and one behind-the-scenes encounter turned into a dental drama.

While filming a fight scene, with Jamie in character as an undercover cop and Michelle as an Internal Affairs inspector, Foxx suffered a fairly severe dental injury thanks to Monaghan's powerful punch.

"I was a little quick on the draw," she tells Collider. "He told me, 'Keep going'. I had split my knuckle. I was like, 'Alright. It hurts!'"

However, to Michelle's surprise when they returned to set the following day, Jamie's pearly whites were in perfect order.

"It was funny the next day because we didn’t bring it up. I felt very sheepish," she shares. "I was trying to cop a look (at the damage) and I was like, 'Oh my God, it’s OK'."

Michelle reveals she was shocked because she had no idea her co-star had fixed the damage overnight, thanks to his round-the-clock emergency dentist.

"My best friend lives in Atlanta (where Sleepless was set) and he’s a dentist," Jamie recalls. "My man came and hooked me up and took me to the office and put the porcelain back on."

"Twelve hours later, he looked brand new," Michelle adds.

Director Baran bo Odar's Sleepless, which is an American remake of a 2012 French action movie, titled Nuit Blanche, hits U.S. cinemas on Friday (13Jan17).

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