Josh Brolin ‘nervous about Thanos’

Josh Brolin has spoken about his thoughts on portraying supervillain Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Josh Brolin admits he was “nervous” portraying Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The 46-year-old actor depicts the supervillain in the Marvel picture, which also stars Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana.

Josh confesses taking on the role had him feeling anxious, but the part was simply too interesting to pass up.

“Ultimately it’s Thanos against everyone. So why wouldn’t you do that?” he revealed during a roundtable interview with Collider. “I was more nervous doing that than I think I’ve been in long time. I was in front of 32 little cameras and I had a face sprayed with iridescent paint. It’s really exciting, the possibilities of what it could become.”

Josh is known for starring in several offbeat films including Inherent Vice, Gangster Squad and Milk amongst others.

But when the thespian receives scripts, he doesn’t mind whether the project is an independent or high budget feature.

“It’s different man, it’s just different. I don’t have a thing like, ‘I only do small art films’ or ‘I only do this.’ I just read a story and go, ‘Wow. That’s cool.’ It’s not, ‘I want to get into this genre or that genre.’,” he explained. “So Thanos came along.. and I had a good friend Louis D’Esposito who used to be a first AD and is now the co-president of Marvel, and he and I used to train together. We did Hollow Man together. He called me up and started talking about this thing It was nice because I could intimately talk to him about it. What I liked. What I didn’t like about the whole idea of it. But I love the idea of Thanos.”

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