Joanna Lumley jittery around Jon Hamm

Joanna Lumley loves how out of touch her Absolutely Fabulous alter ego is.

Joanna Lumley couldn't help "swooning" around Jon Hamm in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.

The British icon is back as eccentric diva Patsy Stone in the big screen adaptation of the hit TV series, where she reunites with her co-star and writer Jennifer Saunders as Edina 'Eddie' Monsoon. Mad Men star Jon plays Joanna's love interest and his smooth facade had both women weak at the knees.

"When you have someone like Jon Hamm on the set it's not only me swooning, everybody is in bits," Joanna gushed to Britain's Closer magazine. "The make-up girls will go: 'Oh, I'm just rinsing the brushes!' to get closer to him."

"He's got a lot of charisma, but he's very quiet and low-maintenance," Jennifer added. "There is something about him, though. He's very well-groomed and he does scrub up well."

The biggest cameo in the flick has to be supermodel Kate Moss, as the plot revolves around Patsy and Eddie accidentally killing her by knocking her into the River Thames.

Joanna, 70, and Jennifer, 57, first appeared as their alter egos in 1990 and have learnt their traits inside out since then. However, that's not to say they relate entirely to their onscreen personas.

"I mind about hurting feelings and getting things wrong, but Patsy doesn't care about anything; sometimes you think; 'God, what a life that would be!'" Joanna said. "But she couldn't bear it without Eddie - Patsy's lifeline. Other than that, as long as somebody will get the car, pay for stuff, provide her with cocaine, and there's always someone to sleep with, then life is great. I adore that Patsy doesn't know the word for 'cash' - she's never had to say it before so she will just do this (hand grabbing motion)."

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