Emma Watson: ‘Shooting The Circle made me rethink technology’

Emma Watson deleted her email app before promoting dystopian technology movie The Circle.

Emma Watson set more boundaries between her personal and private lives after shooting The Circle.

Emma plays tech worker Mae Holland who lands her dream job at Internet company The Circle in James Ponsoldt’s new flick. Mae does well in her new role, but soon finds herself in a dangerous situation concerning privacy, surveillance and freedom.

Tom Hanks co-stars in the feature, and 27-year-old Emma says shooting the movie made her reassess her own attitude towards technology.

“Oh my god, yes. I set even more boundaries than I had before between my public and my private lives,” Emma told Jessica Chastain for Interview magazine.

“It made me think a lot about what I would do if I had children. A lot of children of this generation have their entire lives made public before they have a say about what they would want. I think it should always be a choice.”

She adds that while she loves the power of social media in bringing people together, she’s also aware that if used in the wrong way it can be incredibly dangerous.

To help combat the negative side effects of technology, Emma took drastic measures before she started promoting the film.

“Before the press tour, I deleted my email app from my phone and really tried to create serious boundaries from it, because it is addictive. We need to make sure that we are using technology, and technology is not using us,” she said.

The Circle, which Emma describes as “The Social Network meets All About Eve meets Panic Room”, began hitting cinemas last month (Apr17).

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