Edgar Wright praises Ansel Elgort's Baby Driver performance

Actor Ansel Elgort chooses projects simply on whether he finds them to be "inspiring".

Director Edgar Wright has praised Ansel Elgort's sophisticated performance in Baby Driver.

The film follows young getaway driver Baby, played by Ansel, who is coerced into working for a veteran kingpin Doc (Kevin Spacey) in"one last job" in order to have a better life.

Ansel may have had key roles in Young Adult (YA) films such as The Fault in Our Stars and The Divergent Series, but Edgar claims it’s the new flick in which the star really comes into his own.

"The part needed a young movie star and Ansel delivered," the filmmaker told Nylon magazine.

"Ansel's fan base is growing up, and this might be the first R-rated film they've seen him in. And for other audiences who haven't seen the YA movies, this is a great introduction to him as a 'young actor.'"

As well as an original plot, Baby Driver also features an all-star cast, with appearances from Lily James, Jon Hamm, and Jamie Foxx.

However, when it comes to how he chooses films, Ansel insists that he doesn't pick them based on whether or not they will further his movie or music career.

"I'm just doing what inspires me. If I get a script and I love it, I'm going to do it. That's it. If I get a piece of music and I love it, we're going to keep going with it and finish it. That's the way that, hopefully, I'm going to live my life," he explained.

In addition to making waves in front of the camera, the 23-year-old has worked as a DJ and released several singles.

The young actor is inspired by a range of genres, including jazz, electronic, urban and musical theatre, and wants to continually push himself as his career progresses.

"My music is changing constantly. Every time I make a new song, it's a different sound," the star added.

Baby Driver hits cinemas from 28 June (17).

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