Dev Patel struggled shooting Lion's climactic scenes first

Dev Patel was visibly surprised to win the Best Supporting Actor BAFTA on Sunday (12Feb17).

Dev Patel found it "very difficult" being made to shoot Lion's emotional final scenes first.

In the drama, the British actor stars as the older version of Saroo Brierley, an Indian man who got lost as a child and was subsequently adopted by Australians. He is raised Down Under and searches for his birthplace and his family via Google Earth.

Like most films, the movie was shot out of sequence and all the India scenes were filmed before the Australian ones, meaning Dev had to film all the emotional scenes where Saroo returns to India first, and he found getting into that mindset a challenge.

"The first scene I shot in the movie was the climax, the end of the movie, so that was very difficult because you haven't been able to shoot anything else or create a history with your co-stars," he said backstage at the BAFTAs.

"It was a lot and, you know, there's no trained actors in that scene, they were all villagers... it was one of the most truthful moments I've ever been able to have on camera because of the way Garth (Davis) composed it... How the audience experienced it in the film, that's kind of how I was experiencing it."

Director Garth Davis didn't want the 26-year-old to meet the real Saroo during the preparation stage so the Slumdog Millionaire star only met him after eight months into the project, when production had moved to Australia.

"(Meeting him) was really beautiful, we felt like we'd known each other for so long," he recalled. "The family is so open and giving and it just make those words on the page more sacred when you realise they were shared between real human beings."

Dev was visibly surprised when he was awarded the Best Supporting Actor prize for Lion at the BAFTAs on 12 February (17). Backstage, he called the win "an out-of-body experience" and reflected on how far he had come from U.K. TV show Skins, which his mum forced him to audition for after seeing a casting call in Britain's Metro newspaper.

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