The Dark Tower director feared the movie was 'not going to happen'

It took several decades for producers to finally make a film out of author Stephen King's fantasy novel series.

Director Nikolaj Arcel feared The Dark Tower was too "crazy" of a concept to be made into a film following decades of failed attempts.

Movie producers began teasing the idea of adapting author Stephen King's novel series into a feature film shortly after the first book, The Gunslinger, was published in 1982, but production on the project didn't kick off until over 30 years later.

When Nikolaj signed on to direct and rewrite the script for the film in 2015, he was met with a number of production problems, including countless delays and casting issues, leading him to worry about the entire undertaking.

"I always felt like it's not going to happen," he admits to The Hollywood Reporter. "(I thought) no one's ever going to adapt it, because it's completely unadaptable. It's a crazy, sprawling, genre-hopping saga."

Despite his initial worries, Danish filmmaker Arcel is very pleased with the result, so much so he is convinced The Dark Tower will expand into a full film franchise.

"(It's) definitely just the beginning of a longer journey, of a longer saga," he notes. "They (Sony movie executives) said, 'Let's start it up like this and see if we can introduce the world and the characters to a broader audience.'

"And then, if they (film bosses) like it, and if enough people go see it, we'll probably be able to grow and grow and get more and more into the even more epic quality of the sequels that come - the novels."

Writer King's The Dark Tower series includes eight other titles Arcel has to play with, should Sony officials decide to expand his film with further instalments.

The prospect of a franchise is looking good, with Box Office Mojo reporting on Thursday (03Aug17) the movie, which stars Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba, is expected to grab the top spot at the U.S. weekend box office following its release on Friday (04Aug17).

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