Charlize Theron embraced bruises for Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron pushed hard for authenticity when it came to the action scenes in Atomic Blonde.

Charlize Theron wanted her Atomic Blonde fight scenes to be as close to reality as possible.

The Oscar-winning actress stars as MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton in the spy flick, set during the Cold War in Berlin.

Charlize, 41, also served as producer on the project and along with director David Leitch the pair ensured there was as much authenticity to the film as possible – especially when it came to action scenes between her alter ego and male enemies.

“It was totally important, and I think we approached the choreography and the design of the action like we would have approached it if it were male or female,” David told The Hollywood Reporter when asked how important it was that Lorraine could take on her male adversaries. “We were never going to find some rationalisations for her abilities or things like that. The way we choreographed it, especially towards the end of the movie as the movie spirals down towards this darker place, by design, we wanted to have real consequences come out in the action, and that was something that Charlize was pushing hard for as a producer.”

He further noted that the 41-year-old star wanted to “see reality” when it came to throwing punches and the pain they cause, with David taking many of her ideas into account when working with the choreography team.

The moves and violence are so real that Prometheus actress Charlize was even left bruised after many of the takes, which the filmmaker thinks enables viewers to learn more about her character.

“You see her will to survive and her intelligence and her durability and her prowess as a spy,” David added. “You see her humanity. You learn more about her, I think, in that unedited sequence as you do throughout the rest of the film.”

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