Cate Blanchett's evil step-mother studies

Cate Blanchett has explained how she got into character as Cinderella's evil step-mother in the upcoming movie.

Cate Blanchett considered what makes people ugly and wicked before shooting Cinderella.

The Oscar-winning actress stars as evil step-mother Lady Tremaine in the upcoming live action retelling of the fairytale, directed by Kenneth Branagh.

The actress relished playing such an out-and-out baddie alongside Lily James in the title role and Helena Bonham Carter as Cinderella's fairy godmother.

"What interested me was thinking about things like, ‘What makes people ugly? What makes them cruel? What makes them wicked?’" she told

"It’s obviously not the stepmother’s story, but she’s dealt with hardship and trauma in an entirely different way in her life, and that’s a big part of what’s made her the way she is - and how she treats Cinderella."

What also excited Cate was that Kenneth decided against doing anything too different with the story. She explained that in a world where Hollywood has re-told a lot of classics, getting the opportunity to make a new version of a loved story was a treat.

She also praised the director's style, explaining that he has an innate ability to tell what the actors in his films need.

"As a director, he’s very good at speaking to everyone individually. He doesn’t have a single process that he applies to everyone. He understands when you don’t need to go again [and shoot another take of a scene], or when you do need to go again for the performance," she gushed.

As well as having some big name stars in it, Cinderella is set to impress thanks to the costumes created by Sandy Powell. She went all out with them, with Cate explaining that even though they were hard - and sometimes painful - for the female stars to wear, they were worth it. This was echoed by Kenneth, who was blown away when he first saw Cate in her getup. Her main outfit is a dress with huge circular skirt and a skin-tight bodice in green and black jacquard.

"When she walked on set for the first time in Sandy Powell’s costume, with that strong silhouette, with those strong colours, such an amazing hat, the veil, the gloves, the cat on a leash - her friend Lucifer - I was spellbound. All those things offered great fun just to be around," he said.

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