Why Him?

Three’s a crowd: James Franco cosies up to Bryan Cranston
8/10 – Cranston makes a successful return to his old comedic stomping ground as a beleaguered father battling to accept his daughter’s tattooed tech billionaire boyfriend.
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Monday, December 26, 2016
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Bryan Cranston plays a doting father who faces off against wild tech billionaire James Franco, his daughter's first serious love.


After he morphed from the slapstick dad in Malcolm in the Middle, to murderous drug kingpin Heisenberg, Bryan Cranston makes a long-awaited return to his comedic homelands as an uptight father who doesn’t approve of his student daughter's tech billionaire boyfriend, James Franco.

Stephanie Fleming (Zoey Deutch) has been dating Franco's Laird Mayhew for months without telling her parents.

After he pops up naked during a toe-curlingly awkward FaceTime call, Stephanie invites her staid small business owner father Ned (Cranston), mother Barb – (the brilliant Megan Mullally) and teenage brother Scotty (Griffin Gluck) to California to visit her at college and to meet Laird.

Once they land at the always-shirtless Laird’s modernist glass mansion in California, they soon see the uncouth youth is an eccentric, self-made gaming billionaire with a potty-mouth and no filter, who pays his house manager Gustav (Keegan-Michael Key) to attack him in a style reminiscent of Pink Panther character Cato, to keep him on his toes.

Writer John Hamburg, of I Love You, Man and Meet the Fockers fame, manages to keep the laughs coming in a film that is essentially a more modern take on the Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller classic.

It's no surprise that Cranston, who made his mark in comedy Malcolm in the Middle, slots back so easily into the comedy lane.

His angry and exasperated reactions to Laird's bizarre behaviour are seamless, and pairing him with Mullaley (who most will fondly remember as the sharp-tongued Karen in Will & Grace), provides plenty of laugh out loud moments, although it’s unclear what she sees in serious old Ned.

The film literally runs on toilet humour, such as a scene where Cranston is trapped on a high-tech toilet with his underpants around his ankles after coming down with a violent tummy bug.

Franco finds his groove in the role of the fatherless Laird who doesn’t seem to like wearing a shirt and says exactly what he’s thinking. A question of typecasting maybe?

He looks like he’s having plenty of fun with the character whose behaviour will literally make you squirm at times.

Unfortunately, Deutch is somewhat overshadowed onscreen by Franco and Cranston, much like her character, but veteran comic actress Mullaley manages to steals every scene she’s in. More please.

Why Him? is a real laugh out loud affair, which shows Cranston has lost none of his comic timing, and Franco finds more of his.

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