asteroid 2006

new version of our classic tune

pa-pa, pa-pahhhh...pah!


abbey road shot 1 - crossing


Asteroid gets a makeover at Abbey Road


Mention Pearl & Dean to any cinemagoer and they’ll sing “Pa-pa, pa-pa, pa-pa, pa-pa, pa-pa-pa. Pa-pa, pa-pa, pa-pa, pa-pahhhhh…pah!” right back to you.


A new 2mins 10secs version of our theme tune was recently recorded at the world famous Abbey Road studios by original composer Pete Moore and a 30-piece orchestra. Fans of the original ‘Asteroid’ tune, heard by hundreds of millions film cinema-goers since 1968, will be pleased to hear that the new digital version still keeps the feel of the original but with a 21st Century twist.


This new version of 'Asteroid' is now available via the iTunes Music Store... buy now


sneak preview!!!


Click on our audio player on the left to listen to a special 30 second clip from the new version of Asteroid.


abbey rd shot 2 - pete moore