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Past and present collide in Anthony and Joe Russo's action-packed sequel to the 2011 blockbuster, which continues to expand the sprawling Marvel Comics universe. Addressing timely concerns about unrest in the Middle East and the corruptibility of the political establishment, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a bombastic, big budget extravaganza more...
Labor Day

The heat of unexpected passion scorches two lost souls in Jason Reitman's handsome adaptation of the novel by Joyce Maynard. Embellished with a present-day voiceover that harks back to events of one sweltering summer in 1987, Labor Day woos us with stirring performances, Eric Steelberg's sun-dappled cinematography and Rolfe Kent's elegiac more...
Starred Up

The sins of a jailbird father are revisited upon an embittered son in David Mackenzie's gritty drama. Based on screenwriter Jonathan Asser's experiences as a prison therapist, Starred Up pulls few punches in its depiction of life behind bars, delivering a flurry of beatings as characters jostle for supremacy inside crumbling more...
Long Way Down, A

Several Nick Hornby novels have made the perilous transition from the page to the big screen. Colin Firth led the squad of Fever Pitch which was remade as The Perfect Catch with Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, High Fidelity failed to top the charts with John Cusack, and Hugh Grant discovered more...
Need For Speed

Inspired by a series of video games in which players get behind the wheel of souped-up motors, Need For Speed accelerates smoothly into the slipstream of The Fast And The Furious and its high-octane pretenders. Director Scott Waugh puts the pedal to the metal from the turbo-charged opening which establishes a more...
Stag, The

Boys will be buffoons in John Butler's raucous comedy about male friends who gets into scrapes during a stag weekend in rural Ireland. Far gentler than The Hangover but peppered with similar moments of outrageous misfortune, The Stag chugs along pleasantly and elicits wry smiles as the characters find themselves stark more...

When Wes Anderson is good, he's very good - dare I say it, brilliant - and when he's occasionally off-key, the Texan writer-director still puts other filmmakers in the shade. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a tour-de-force of invention and creativity that leaves no narrative stone unturned in its quest for more...

Pecs flex, torsos ripple and bearded men growl but it's a woman scorned who spills the most blood in Noam Munro's turgid sequel (of sorts) to the 2007 swords and sandals epic. Based on Frank Miller's graphic novel Xerxes, 300: Rise Of An Empire unfolds before, during and after the fierce more...

Jealousy, fear and the menace of Simon Cowell test the bonds of fraternal love in Cal Brunker's uninspired computer-animated adventure. Establishing a brisk tone from its opening sequence, Escape From Planet Earth charts a predictable course from conflict to reconciliation as feuding alien siblings put their differences aside to overcome the more...
Ride Along

These are golden times for stand-up comedian Kevin Hart. His 2011 tour, Laugh At My Pain, and subsequent TV special Let Me Explain were hugely popular and a 30-minute pilot television based around Hart's high-energy act is in production. He also currently has two films raking in the dollars at the more...

Transcendence (12A)

released:  25 April '14

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