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Grow Your Own

During World War II, there were around 1.5 million allotments in the UK, where families were encouraged to grow their own vegetables as part of the war effort under the banner Dig For Victory. The popularity of allotments waned in successive decades, enjoying a mini-revival in the '90s when the pursuit more...
Ocean's Thirteen

The gang is back (minus Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones) in the second sequel to Steven Soderbergh's frothy 2001 heist caper. Like its predecessors, Ocean's Thirteen is smart and sexy, trading as much on the likeability of the impeccably tailored stars as the preposterousness of the plot. This is another masterclass more...
Are We Done Yet?

"I always say it's gonna get ugly before it gets pretty." So says an eccentric real estate agent in Are We Done Yet?, the sequel to the vacuous family comedy Are We There Yet?. Steve Carr's film certainly gets ugly as beleaguered leading man Ice Cube is propelled from one painful more...
A Tiger's Tale

Derived from the German, the word doppelganger is commonly used to describe a person's double, an evil reflection whose manifestation is often seen an omen of impending death. In John Boorman's serpentine thriller, a Dublin businessman encounters what he believes is his doppelganger and quickly loses his grasp on reality as more...
The Hitcher

The original 1986 version of The Hitcher, written by Eric Red, contrived a nerve-shredding game of cat and mouse between a driver and a psychotic drifter. Rutger Hauer's riveting performance as the eponymous maniac and an unforgettable torture sequence with a truck elevated Robert Harmon's thriller to cult status. More than more...
Wedding Daze

In keeping with tradition, Michael Ian Black's romantic comedy proffers something old (most of the gags), something new (the romantic pairing of Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher), something borrowed (larger-than-life supporting characters defined by their tics or sexual peccadilloes) and something blue (sporadic gross-out humour). Lamentably, Wedding Daze doesn't proffer much more...

Promoting an image of Brazil which is - aptly enough - nuts, Paradise Lost is a bloodthirsty adventure thriller about a sadistic doctor who is so enraged by the West's exploitation of his country and its people, he has taken to kidnapping unwary, foreign backpackers and stealing their vital organs, while more...

The good die young in Tony Bill's wartime drama, which harks back to a bygone era of open cockpit bi-planes and "chocks away", when strangers became comrades in arms, repelling Germans forces in the skies above England and France. Flyboys honours the incredible true story of a group of Americans who more...

In the same week that the one of the nation's historical treasures, the Cutty Sark, went up in flames, we bear witness to a second maritime disaster. Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End, the third installment of the blockbuster franchise, is not a complete shipwreck but it sails perilously close, more...
This Is England

British writer-director Shane Meadows returns to stunning form with this largely autobiographical snapshot of life in '80s Britain under the rule of Margaret Thatcher. He underscores the central character's rites of passage with earthy humour and wonderful attention to detail, like the eye-catching fashions and an opening credits sequence awash with more...
Double, The

Double, The (15)

released:  04 April '14

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