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Love Punch, The

Opening with a barman preparing a martini - shaken not stirred - The Love Punch is a ham-fisted caper that nods affectionately to leading man Pierce Brosnan's years of service as James Bond. Indeed, the film's centre-piece jewel theft would have been effortlessly executed by 007 in mere minutes. However, writer-director more...

Two is company but three super-villains are a crowd in Marc Webb's action-packed sequel to his 2012 blockbuster, which successfully rebooted the Marvel Comics franchise. A Russian mobster in rhinoceros-shaped armour, a maligned Oscorp employee who can shoot electricity from his fingertips and an iconic green-skinned imp with daddy issues all more...

The luck of the Irish runs out for one unsuspecting priest in John Michael McDonagh's wicked black comedy that contrives a murder mystery before the heinous crime has been committed. In a riveting opening sequence worthy of Alfred Hitchcock, Father James Lavelle (Brendan Gleeson) tends to his flock in a close-knit more...
Raid 2, The

In 2011, Welsh-born writer-director Gareth Evans gave Hollywood action movies a swift kick between the legs with his dazzling assault on the senses, The Raid. The film invited Indonesia's celebrated fight choreographers and stunt performers to create some of the most jaw-dropping skirmishes ever committed to celluloid. The result was a more...
Quiet Ones, The

Inspired by a real-life incident - valuable currency for a horror film - The Quiet Ones relives a troubling case of demonic possession that claimed the lives of a team of scientists. It's immaterial that John Pogue's film is grounded in the contentious facts of the infamous Philip Experiment, which saw more...

Adapted from the opening book of Veronica Roth's best-selling trilogy for young adults, Divergent is a rites of passage story baked to a similar recipe as The Hunger Games. Neil Burger's film separates a gung-ho heroine from the people she loves and compels her to undergo a series of gruelling challenges, more...

The story of Noah and his three sons unfolds across six chapters of the book of Genesis. Director Darren Aronofsky and co-writer Ari Handel expand this lesson into a sprawling narrative about one man's tireless quest to save innocent animals from the apocalypse. This Noah is both a parable about self-sacrifice more...
Rio 2

Intoxicating samba rhythms and the exuberance of Brazilian carnival get toes tapping in Carlos Saldanha's assured and undemanding sequel, which transports the feathered protagonists away from Rio de Janeiro for a rollicking rumble in the Amazonian jungle. As with the original film, Rio 2 promotes a serious ecological message: the wanton more...

Past and present collide in Anthony and Joe Russo's action-packed sequel to the 2011 blockbuster, which continues to expand the sprawling Marvel Comics universe. Addressing timely concerns about unrest in the Middle East and the corruptibility of the political establishment, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a bombastic, big budget extravaganza more...
Muppets Most Wanted

Created almost 60 years ago by Jim Henson, Kermit The Frog and his hand-operated chums gained a new lease of life in 2011 with the release of the seventh feature film, snappily entitled The Muppets. Combining an irreverent script, tongue-in-cheek cameos and uproarious song and dance numbers, James Bobin's film was more...
Amazing Spider-man 2, The

Amazing Spider-man 2, The (12A)

released:  18 April '14

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