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Loose Cannons

Loose Cannons (12A)

released: 17 December '10

I Am Love meets Meet the Parents in this outrageous al dente family comedy from celebrated award-winning director Ferzan zpetek.

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Hamam (15)

released: 16 October '98

An uptight, conservative careerist leaves Italy to discover warmth, sexuality and a spiritual side in Istanbul.

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La Finestra Di Fonte

La Finestra Di Fonte (15)

released: 03 September '04

Giovanna, though still very young, has been married to her devoted husband Filippo for nine years.

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Le Fate Ignoranti

Le Fate Ignoranti (15)

released: 25 April '03

A woman discovers that her late husband was gay.

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Magnificent Haunting, A

Magnificent Haunting, A (15)

released: 25 October '13


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