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Spider-man 2

Spider-man 2 (PG)

released: 16 July '04

The sequel to 2002's top-grossing film returns Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, the freelance newspaper photographer whose secret life as wisecracking wallcrawler Spider-Man often threatens the safety of his loved ones.

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My Life So Far

My Life So Far (TBC)

released: 12 May '00

From the director of "CHARIOTS OF FIRE," comes a period drama that tells of family life in a wildly eccentric Scottish home.

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Sunshine (15)

released: 28 April '00

Ralph Fiennes plays three roles in this multigenerational saga about a Hungarian family and their country's tumultuous history.

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Tom & Viv

Tom & Viv (15)

released: 15 April '94

The tragic end of TS Eliot's first wife provides the subject matter for this romantic drama featuring Willem Dafoe and Miranda Richardson as the title characters.

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