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California Man

California Man (PG)

released: 25 September '92

MTV'S Pauly Shore teams up with Sean ("TOY SOLDIERS") Astin to dis- cover a frozen caveman while digging around in his backyard.

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In The Army Now

In The Army Now (TBC)

released: 17 March '95

MTV personality Pauly ("SON-IN-LAW") Shore plays an unlikely military recruit in this contemporary comedy which follows his character from boot camp into actual battle.

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Son-in-law (12A)

released: 21 January '94

Party animal, Pauly ("ENCINO MAN" Shore, becomes an unwitting pawn in a scheme hatched by his beautiful college classmate to make an old flame jealous, when he agrees to accompany her back home to the farm, posing as her future husband.

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