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Keith Lemon The Film

Keith Lemon The Film (15)

released: 24 August '12

Keith Lemon The Film is a comedy about Keith following his dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, just like his hero Richard Branson.

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A Few Best Men

A Few Best Men (15)

released: 31 August '12

Prepare to meet the worst best men ever in the outrageous comedy A Few Best Men, starring Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall, Kevin Bishop, Rebel Wilson and Olivia Newton-John.

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Chinese Puzzle

Chinese Puzzle (15)

released: 20 June '14


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Food Of Love

Food Of Love (15)

released: 08 August '03

sorry, no description is available for this film.

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Irina Palm

Irina Palm (15)

released: 13 June '08

Maggie, a 50-year-old widow - still faithful to her dead husband, desperately needs some money to pay for a medical treatment for her ill grandson.

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May I Kill U?

May I Kill U? (15)

released: 11 January '13

Baz (Barry Vartis) is one of Britain's new breed of police, a cycle cop.

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Muppet Treasure Island

Muppet Treasure Island (U)

released: 24 May '96

Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of pirates and buried treasure provides the basis for this Muppet adventure starring Kermit the Frog as Captain Smollett, Fozzie Bear as Squire Trelawney, Dr.

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