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Apt Pupil

Apt Pupil (15)

released: 21 May '99

Billed as a darkly violent tale, this psychological thriller tells of an American teenager who tracks down, befriends and reawakens the homicidal tendencies of a Nazi war criminal living anonymously in a quiet suburban community.

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Bully (18)

released: 01 March '02

The film is based on a true story of bobby kent, a florida high school bully who terrorised his classmates with psychological and physical abuse.

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Ghost World

Ghost World (18)

released: 16 November '01

Set during the summer after they graduated from high school, two friends struggle with adolescent angst and the impending end of their time as friends.

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Telling Lies In America

Telling Lies In America (15)

released: 03 April '98

Set in 1961, the story tells of a Hungarian immigrant teenager (Brad Renfro) who comes under the wing of Billy Magic (Kevin Bacon), a Cleveland disk jockey who pays the boy $100 per week to do odd jobs for him, which include accepting cash outlays from promoters.

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The Cure

The Cure (12A)

released: 14 June '96

Joseph ("THE RIVER WILD") Mazzello and Brad ("THE CLIENT") Renfro team up for a bittersweet drama about two pre-teen boys and the friendship that develops between them even though one has contracted AIDS.

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