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Reef 2: High Tide

Reef 2: High Tide (U)

released: 25 October '13

Trained in the skills of sea power, Pi the fish can fight a shark, sink a squid or batter any random predator that ever threatens his friends and neighbors on the reef.

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The Reef

The Reef (U)

released: 09 February '07

After losing everything, a young fish, Pi (the voice of Freddie Prinze, Jr), goes to live with his family on the Reef.

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Best Men

Best Men (15)

released: 27 March '98

With three years of prison behind him, Jesse Chandler (Luke Wilson) is finally free to marry Hope (Drew Barrymore).

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In The Army Now

In The Army Now (TBC)

released: 17 March '95

MTV personality Pauly ("SON-IN-LAW") Shore plays an unlikely military recruit in this contemporary comedy which follows his character from boot camp into actual battle.

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Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget (U)

released: 17 December '99

Matthew Broderick plays the title character, a somewhat naive security guard who is literally blown to pieces by the nefarious Dr.

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