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Greatest Ever! Our views on the Best Ever Movie Moments
Movie Brothers!
With the release of 12 Rounds on the 29th May 2009, which features WWE wrestler John Cena, we here at Pearl & Dean wanted to list our views on the best performances from Wrestlers in Movies!
Andre The Giant - The Princess Bride
The late "8th Wonder of the World" Andre made a number of appearances on the big and small screen after rising to fame in the squared circle. This included TV series 'The Six Million Dollar Man'' and 1984 film 'Conan the Destroyer'.

However, his apparently favourite role was as "Fezzik", the endearing and fun loving giant in 'The Princess Bride'. This line from Andre "Anybody want a peanut?" still makes us laugh today and continues to have a cult following around the world!
Andre The Giant - The Princess Bride
Jesse Ventura - Predator
Jesse "The Body" Ventura starred as Blain in the 1987 Oscar nominated film 'Predator'. Jesse plays a minigun wielding member of the Special Forces Team. However, his character Blain would come to an unfortunate end at the hands of the Predator alien.

Many years later and after numerous appearances in other films, Jesse Ventura was elected the 38th Governor of Minnesota, serving one term between 1999 and 2003.
Roddy Piper - They Live
'They Live' is a 1988 sci-fi/comedy set in Los Angeles, USA. Roddy Piper is the star and main character of the film. Called Nada, the main crux of the story is to stop aliens from controlling human life.

The aliens are disguised as normal human beings but Nada discovers a pair of sunglasses that allows him to see the aliens in their true form. During a fight scene against the aliens in a bank, Piper cracks this memorable line "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick a$$... and I'm all out of bubblegum." How better to sum up Piper?
Roddy Piper - They Live
Next up in our list is Dwayne Johnson or 'The Rock' as he is known by in the wrestling world. He made his big screen debut as the Scorpion King briefly in the 'The Mummy Returns'. The success of the film led to a starring role in an the aptly name 'The Scorpion King' in 2002.

Johnson has gone on to appear in a number of other feature films including 'Get Smart' and more recently 'Race to Witch Mountain'.
 Dwayne Johnson - The Scorpion King
Hulk Hogan - Mr Nanny
Hulk Hogan - Mr Nanny

We here at Pearl & Dean prefer not to always go for the obvious choices, especially when it comes to the number 1 spot in our Top 5's. This is a prime example.

Released in 1993 at the height of Hogan's popularity, it didn't exactly get the most favourable of reviews (understatement of the century) but hey this was aimed at kids, not Oscar hungry film buffs.

The premise of the story was that Hogan, a former pro-wrestler, becomes the Nanny for some less than well behaved children.

Mr. Nanny was never going to win any awards but we didn't care! Who doesn't want to see a 6ft+ professional wrestler dressed in a pink tutu?!?

Hulk Hogan - The Greatest Ever Wrestler in the Movies!