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Movie Moons
Full Moon, Half Moon, Total Eclipse! Mmmmmm Jaffa Cakes. Anyway enough of that cakey goodness, we are here to talk about the not so cheesy planet in space! So prepare yourselves for a lunar landing with Pearl & Dean's top 5 Moon Scenes in Movies.
I've got the power! Well it's Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) who has the power to be precise in this 2003 comedy. Alongside Jim is a star studded cast including Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell. After a series of unfortunate events Bruce complains to God (Freeman) that he isn't doing his job. So God appears to Bruce and grants him all his powers to see if he can do better.  

With his new found powers Bruce sets about impressing his girlfriend Grace (Aniston). So what better way of creating a romantic atmosphere than by clearing the sky of clouds, increasing the stars and bringing the moon in nice and close? But how does one bring in the moon closer you ask? Well you throw a lasso around it and pull silly! Durr!
A recent masterpiece this at number 4, with Duncan Jones' Moon widely regarded as one of the best films of the year. Would you believe me if I told you Moon was Jones' debut feature film? Well it's true, what better way to kick-off your career?! Anyway Sam Bell played by Sam Rockwell is coming to the end of his three-year stint working on the moon extracting helium-3. However, in the last two weeks of his spell things take a turn for the worst and many strange things start happening! But away from the story, the shots of the moon are breathtaking, showing the desolate planet in all its glory with the Earth forever in the distance. Moon
Apollo 13 voted 12th most inspirational movie by the American Film Institute and quite rightly too! This 1995 drama from director Ron Howard is based on the true story of a doomed lunar mission. The movie was praised for its accuracy and faith to the actual events. It's in no doubt that one of the most touching scenes of the movie is when the crew of Apollo 13 drift past the moon. 

Their many years of training and dedication had been in preparation for the landing. But due to the problems with the spacecraft, the crew can only watch from a window as the planet they desire passes them by.
The Nightmare Before Christmas
"And I, Jack, the Pumpkin King, Have grown so tired of the same old thing" Yes, this moon appearance is taken from the memorable The Nightmare Before Christmas when the Pumpkin King declares that he has grown weary of Halloween. The sublime lyrics are joined by the brilliant animation in this 1993 stop motion film from Tim Burton.
  The full moon  dominates the scene, with Jack casting a silhouette as he walks through the graveyard. Despite Jack being a skeleton you can't help but feel sorry for the boney chap, but he soon cheers up when he  discovers Christmas Town!   
  "What's this? What's this?"
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Yes we know the moon is in like 99.9% of movies but there could only ever be one winner. As this is  definitely the most memorable scene involving a moon ever! This iconic image from Steven Spielberg's work of art has been ingrained in the minds of the young and old.

E.T. has already topped our Greatest Ever Aliens so there is not a great deal to say about the movie itself. But there's just something about the scene when you see Elliott and E.T. taking off. Flying over the tree tops on their bicycle, Elliott and E.T. cast a spectacular silhouette in the night's sky against the bright full moon. Though one little thing, if E.T. can soar into the sky then why didn't he just fly back home instead of phoning his fellow kind and asking for a lift?!? The lazy bum! 

E.T. - The Greatest Ever Moon Scenes in Movies!