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Top 5 End of the World Movies

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What is it about the end of the world? We humans just can't get enough of it on the big screen, we are a weird bunch aren't we? Could Judgement Day be soon upon us and like new movie 2012 ? Don't bother panicking just stay in and read
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top 5 End of the World Movies instead.
Deep Impact
All world events in 1998 were meaningless compared with the release of two apocalyptic movies simultaneously. Deep Impact and Armageddon were released within weeks of each other and it's not surprising that nobody can remember which is which! However, Deep Impact is the one WITHOUT the cheese of Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler, WITHOUT a team of oil riggers landing a space ship onto a meteoroid! Starring the likes of Morgan Freeman and Elijah Wood, Deep Impact always felt the more "scientifically accurate", making the final disaster scene feel that more believable and you actually cared about the  characters. Plus it didn't have the cringey "animal crackers" scene or "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith as a backing track, *shivers*. Deep Impact
The Day After Tomorrow
Could The Day After Tomorrow be a sign of things to come? Some environmentalists and scientists seem to think so, as Roland Emmerich's movie details the coming of a new ice age caused by global warming. Whatever your opinions on the matter no one can deny the stunning special effects on show in this 2004 release. Seeing a huge tidal wave flowing through New York, the Statue of Liberty buried in snow and hurricanes tearing down cities are all eye opening moments, let's just hope this movie is not a premonition! If it is then can I book a flight on Virgin Galactic to the moon Sir Branson? I'll pay you when we are up in the air. Thanking you kindly. The Day After Tomorrow
I Am Legend
I Am Legend yes it's true but we are not here to talk about me, but Will Smith in this 2007 blockbuster. Dr Alice Krippin (Emma Thompson) believes she has created a cure for cancer, however, the vaccine mutates into a deadly virus that kills the majority of the human population. Immune Robert Neville (Smith)  and mutated zombie humans are the sole survivors. However, what made this movie so fascinating was seeing how Robert Neville coped with being alone. From playing back recorded TV News Shows, to renting videos from a shop run by manikins and even talking to them like they were real!  Or perhaps they are, eh Fred?!? I Am Legend
Children of Men
Set in our very own United Kingdom in the year 2027, Alfonso Cuarón stunning movie details how the world only has a century to survive. No human children have been born for over two decades because all the women across the globe have become infertile. Fortunately a group of activists discover a pregnant young refugee girl and the story details the trip they take to guide her to safety, away from the corrupt Government and evil humans. Cuarón movie paints a dam bleak picture of the future but hey at least the Tube will be quieter. Children of Men
The Terminator
The Terminator
The Terminator a true classic from director James Cameron, released over 25-years ago this is a sci-fi  masterpiece of the highest order. It has everything, from an apocalypse by way of a nuclear holocaust caused by robots, to time travel, killer action sequences and even better one-liners "I'll be back". He certainly would be back, with a further three Terminator inspired flicks hitting the big screen, though perhaps less said about the latest the better.  

We are first introduced to Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator when he appears stark naked on our screen, which isn't the best introduction an evil action character could make is it really? The eventual saviour of human kind John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect his mother Sarah's life from Arnie, allowing her to become pregnant and John to be born. However, Kyle is the one that gets Sarah pregnant, so technically John has asked his father Kyle to go back in time and have hanky panky with his mother! Gosh that must have been an awkward conversation, just imagine if you had to do that, actually don't it's too weird!

The Terminator - The Greatest Ever End of the World Movie!