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Video Games in Movies
It's time to level up as we prepare to button bash, bunny hop and speed-run through a selection of top movie games! With Gamer released this week, it was about time we hit our signature move with a list of Pearl & Dean's top 5 Video Games in Movies!
Coming in at number 5 is 1992 comedy Toys. Despite an all star cast of Robin Williams, Michael Gambon, Joan Cusack, Robin Wright, LL Cool J, and Jamie Foxx, the movie was considered a flop. But hey I'm sure director Barry Levinson will get over the disappointment when he sees Toys featured in this top 5! 

When a Lieutenant Army General takes charge of a toy factory, he decides to start making military toys and trains children to fight wars through video games. We see a shot of young kids playing  ultra-realistic and violent videogames, all in front of large TV screens. How ludicrous, that would never be allowed in the 21st Century!!! Oh wait.  
The Wizard
As far as I am aware we Brits never had the honour of catching The Wizard on the big screen. But this 1989 movie has become synonymous in the gaming circles, mainly due to the numerous Nintendo products on display. The premise of the story is around a mentally troubled boy who is great at video games, and his wild journey to enter a tournament to win money, all with the help of his brother and a friend. Very highbrow of course. But truth be told the only reason anyone in their right mind even glimpsed at his movie was the NES Power Glove and never before seen footage of Super Mario Bros 3. Because kids in the 80's loved jumping on red mushrooms! The Wizard
Toy Story 2
When Toy Story 2 begins we see our much loved hero Buzz Lightyear seemingly destroyed by  Emperor Zurg! Gasps are heard in the cinema, tears flooding from children's faces, Buzz can't be dead surely? Ok so a little over dramatic from us there, but fortunately we soon realise it was all just a game, phew! Dinosaur Rex was the player and he has become stuck on the very last level of Buzz's very own videogame. But perhaps there  are lessons to be learnt from this Rex, as I'm sure the practise will come in handy my big green friend! Toy Story 2
Back to the Future Part II
Ok I admit it, I love the Back to the Future trilogy, there I said it. But Part II genuinely does deserve its runner up spot. While spending time in 2015, Marty McFly visits Cafe 80's, which as the name suggests is a restaurant inspired by the 1980's. From the music to the decor and food, everything is 80's, including the arcade machines! Marty cannot resist a chance to show-off and impress the watching kids. Luckily for Marty it's Wild Gunman, a game he is great at. Despite being awarded a "crack shot" by the machine, the kids aren't impressed and dub the game "a baby's toy!". Being only 6 years away from 2015, its a shame that we still aren't replacing our current cars with the flying variety and chucking in the skateboard for the hovering sort.  Nevermind we can still dream eh Doc? Back to the Future Part II
The Simpsons Movie
The Simpsons Movie
When The Simpsons Movie was released back in 2007, the reaction to it was a bit like marmite; you either loved it or hated it. But whatever camp you were in, there is no denying that there was not only some laugh out loud moments but also witty nods to popular culture in the 21st Century.

The extremely popular videogame series Grand Theft Auto has become iconic in the industry, standing tall with the likes of Pac-Man, Super Mario, Sonic and the likes. So what better way to celebrate our apparent love for violence, theft and carjacking (in videogames of course) than with some satire from Matt Groening and the crew?

With Homer seemingly depressed at being abandoned, what better way is there to cheer himself up than with a game of Grand Theft Walrus?!? A parody of the real GTA videogame, we see Homer controlling a Walrus as he drives through a big city in a fast car and stopping at an innocent but distinctively familiar dancing penguin, who seems to have very happy feet (nudge nudge, wink wink). All before shooting the penguin with an automatic shotgun in typical GTW style, nice!    

Grand Theft Walrus - is The Greatest Ever Video Game in a Movie!