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release date 31 October '08

15 rated certificate
what's the story

Maze Prison in Northern Ireland, 1981. The infamous H-Blocks is where Irish republican prisoners are on the Blanket and No-Wash protest. It is a living hell for both prisoner and prison officer as the H-Block leader, Bobby Sands, pursues various tactics to help his fellow republicans re-establish their political status. In order to create real change, Bobby leads a Hunger Strike to protest for special category status for republican prisoners.

genre(s):  Drama
director:  Steve McQueen III
film cast:  Michael Fassbender, Liam Cunningham, Stuart Graham, Liam McMahon, Lalor Roddy
certificate:  15
distributor:  Pathe Distribution Ltd.
running time:  95 Mins
official site:  visit website

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29th Oct 08'
Turner Prize-winning artist Steve McQueen makes his narrative feature film debut with a harrowing recreation of the hunger strikes of the early '80s in the Maze Prison just outside of Belfast. Based on a screenplay co-written with playwright Enda Walsh, Hunger is a breathtaking accomplishment, distinguished by McQueen's meticulous eye for detail and his steadfast refusal to paint the characters as heroes, villains or martyrs. Every time one of the hunger strikers is subjected to a horrific physical search or a beating at the hands of baton-wielding guards, a sound bite from Margaret Thatcher reminds us of their status as terrorists.

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