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release date 26 September '08

15 rated certificate
what's the story

The action drama "TAKEN" stars Liam ("SCHINDLER'S LIST") Neeson as an ex-soldier whose daughter is kidnapped by slave masters in Europe. The ex-soldier scrambles to track her down before he loses her forever. Maggie ("THE FOG") Grace, Goran ("CHILDREN OF MEN") Kostic and Anjul Nigam co-star in the film directed by Pierre ("DISTRICT 13") Morel and is written by Luc ("THE FIFTH ELEMENT") Besson.

genre(s):  Action
director:  Pierre Morel
film cast:  Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Goran Kostic, Anjul Nigam, Holly Valance
certificate:  15
distributor:  Twentieth Century Fox
running time:  93 Mins
official site:  visit website

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24th Sep 08'
If Jason Statham wasn't otherwise disposed, racking up points on his licence for speeding and dangerous driving in Death Race, he'd almost certainly be headlining Pierre Morel's adrenaline-pumping action thriller. Instead, statuesque Irish actor Liam Neeson is the unlikely choice for leading man in this fast-paced jaunt through the French capital, based on a script by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, who previously collaborated on The Transporter and its sequel. Taken delivers more of the same mindless, high speed thrills and spills, casting Neeson against type as a merciless avenger who will stop at nothing to rescue his daughter from the clutches of sex traffickers.


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