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release date 23 January '09

15 rated certificate
what's the story

Oscar®-winning director Ron Howard brings to the screen writer Peter ("THE QUEEN") Morgan's electrifying battle between Richard Nixon, the disgraced president with a legacy to save, and David Frost, a jet-setting television personality with a name to make. In the untold story of the historic encounter that changed both. Reprising their roles from Morgan's stageplay are Frank Langella, who won a Tony for his portrayal of Nixon, and Michael Sheen, who fully inhabited the part of Frost onstage in London and New York.

genre(s):  Drama
director:  Ron Howard
film cast:  Frank Langella, Kevin Bacon, Michael Sheen, Rebecca Hall, Toby Jones
certificate:  15
distributor:  Universal Pictures
running time:  121 Mins
official site:  visit website

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21st Jan 09'
A week is a very long time in politics. A few days after Barack Obama's momentous inauguration, ushering in a mood of hope and change across the Atlantic, director Ron Howard looks back to the exploits of one of Obama's predecessors, who brought shame upon his countrymen and women. On August 8, 1974, in the wake of the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon became the first President to resign from the Oval Office.

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