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release date 26 January '07

15 rated certificate
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At 12:15am on 5 June 1968, as Robert F Kennedy was making his way from the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles to give a press conference after winning the California Primary, he was shot and fatally wounded. Bobby focuses on the ordinary people who unwittingly found themselves at the centre of one of the most important events in America’s recent past.

Against the backdrop of the cultural issues gripping the country at the time, including racism, sexual inequality and class divisions, hotel staff prepare for the big night, campaign workers gee up the voters and supporters and guests congregate in anticipation of the celebration.

With an incredible ensemble cast portraying fictionalized characters from a cross-section of America, the film follows 22 individuals who are all at the hotel for different purposes but share the common thread of anticipating Kennedy's arrival at the primary election night party, which would change their lives forever.

genre(s):  Drama
director:  Emilio Estevez
film cast:  Anthony Hopkins, Christian Slater, Harry Belafonte, Sharon Stone, William H. Macy
certificate:  15
distributor:  Momentum Pictures
running time:  116 Mins
official site:  visit website

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24th Jan 07'
On June 6, 1968, presidential hopeful Senator Robert F. Kennedy planned to announce his intention to run for the White House during a keynote speech at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. He had just beaten fellow Democrat Eugene Joseph McCarthy in the pivotal California primary and seemed to be on his way to The White House.


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