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The Game Plan

release date TBC

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A football player and lifelong bachelor discovers he has a daughter and comes to terms with his newfound role of being a dad.

genre(s):  Comedy
director:  Andy Fickman
film cast:  Dwayne Johnson, Morris Chestnut, Roselyn Sanchez, Bebe Neuwirth, Gordon Clapp
distributor:  Buena Vista Intl.
official site:  visit website

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The Game Plan
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5th Mar 08'
Although the setting and many of the underlying themes are contemporary - the corruptive allure of celebrity, the pressures of single parenthood, rampant materialism - The Game Plan is, at its soft, gooey heart, an old-fashioned Disney yarn extolling the virtues of the family unit. Once again, the clash between the generations - which energized Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap et al - provides the comedic spark, pitting a hulking American footballer against his winsome eight-year-old daughter. Humour is gentle and inoffensive, erring towards familiarity.


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