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Are We Done Yet?

release date 22 June '07

what's the story

The Persons family decides to move from the big city to the idyllic suburbs, a house renovation leads to chaos, particularly when the contractor who clashes with Nick, bonds with his wife and the two kids. The film is sequel to "Are We There Yet" and a re-make of the 1948 Cary Grant film. Ice Cube stars and produces. Steve Carr directs the mayhem.

genre(s):  Comedy
director:  Steve Carr
film cast:  Nia Long
distributor:  Sony Pictures Intl.
official site:  visit website

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Are We Done Yet?
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6th Jun 07'
"I always say it's gonna get ugly before it gets pretty." So says an eccentric real estate agent in Are We Done Yet?, the sequel to the vacuous family comedy Are We There Yet?. Steve Carr's film certainly gets ugly as beleaguered leading man Ice Cube is propelled from one painful slapstick misadventure to the next, without pause for character development.


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