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release date 28 September '07

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Nicholas Cage plays a man who can see the future and change events before they happen, eventually he is forced to choose between saving the world and saving himself.

Featured players include Juliana Moore and Jessica Biel ('Blade: Trinity'), The movie is based on the short story 'The Golden Man' written by Philip K. Dick. Lee ('Die Another Day') Tamahori directs the sci-fi action.

genre(s):  Action, Supernatural
director:  Lee Tamahori
film cast:  Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore, Jessica Biel
distributor:  Entertainment
official site:  visit website

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25th Apr 07'
"You've probably seen a lot of these shows - mentalists, magicians, illusionists - and wondered if they're the real deal," says Las Vegas conjurer Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage) in his opening voiceover, as he prowls the neon-lit desert strip. "Your scepticism tells you it's just an act. That way you can sleep at night.


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