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release date 08 November '96

18 rated certificate
what's the story

Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin team up for an action comedy centering around two escaped convicts who race against the clock to find a hidden cache of money and an incriminating computer disk that could either bring down the Cuban Mafia or get them killed -- whichever comes first. Hunted by the mob as well as by the cops, the two fugitives soon figure out that on either side of the law, they lose. Featured among the ensemble are Will ("COPYCAT") Patton as a seasoned policeman, Victor ("STEAL BIG, STEAL LITTLE") Rivers as a ruthless assassin, Robert ("POSSE") Hooks as a police lieutenant and Robert John ("THINNER") Burke as a federal marshal. On hand to lend femme support is Salma ("DESPERADO") Hayek. Kevin ("STRICTLY BUSINESS") Hooks helms the action -- his first since completing "PASSENGER 57" in 1992.

genre(s):  Action
director:  Kevin Hooks
film cast:  Laurence Fishburne, Stephen Baldwin, Salma Hayek, Will Patton, Robert John Burke
certificate:  18
distributor:  United Intl. Pictures
running time:  105 Mins

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