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release date 24 June '94

18 rated certificate
what's the story

Set in an unnamed British city, this action drama chronicles the life of two street punks living in a nocturnal netherworld. Featured players include Jude Law as Billy, a 19-year-old jailbird who, upon his release from prison, determines never to get caught again. With- out missing a beat, he and his partner Jo (Sadie Frost), return to stealing cars and "shopping," which consists of crashing vehicles into storefront windows. Ultimately, an orgy of extravagant destruc- tion follows, spurred on by Billy's macho battle with rival gang leader Tommy (Sean Pertwee), to be the town's best shopper. Under the direction of Tyro filmmaker Paul Anderson, the story is said to be aimed at random violence and aimless kids: "Teenage car crime is the growth crime in Europe and the U.S. The characters in this film could be found in Berlin, Pittsburgh, London or Detroit."

genre(s):  Action
director:  Paul W.S. Anderson
film cast:  Sadie Frost, Jude Law, Sean Pertwee, Fraser James, Marianne Faithfull
certificate:  18
running time:  106 Mins

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