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release date 19 October '12

12A rated certificate
what's the story

A life-changing event causes a gym trainer to accept a vigilante mission in this high-voltage Tamil entertainer. Velu (Bharath) is a happy, family-loving young man who works as a gym trainer. One day, he's cornered by a group of thugs and is forced to fight back. Witnessing his strength and skill, an ex-serviceman neighbour tells him that he should use his abilities to battle corruption in society. But Velu says that vengeance is not for him. He's also fallen in love with Sukisha (Sunaina), who's a regular visitor to the gym. But his life changes forever when a tragic accident leaves him in hospital. Here, he learns that he has just six months to live. Resolving to use his remaining time wisely, Velu takes the ex-serviceman's advice and transforms himself into crime-fighting vigilante Thiruthani. Perarasu teams up with his 'Pazhani' star Bharath once again, giving him dual roles in this gripping action movie.

genre(s):  Family
director:  Perarasu
film cast:  Bharath Srinivasan
certificate:  12A
distributor:  Ayngaran
running time:  122 Mins

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