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release date 12 October '12

12A rated certificate
what's the story

The story is about a Marathi girl Meenakshi Deshpande aka 'Aiyyaa' falling in love with a Tamil artist Surya, a delightful Amelie-style comedy. It is a quirky & funny love story with backdrop of a Marathi-Tamil cultural clash. Aiyyaa lives with her eccentric family next to a smelly rubbish dump, lost in her dream-like Bollywood fantasy world. She gets a job at an arts college where she meets a soul-mate, a buck-toothed Lady GaGa lookalike, and together they go man-hunting. That's until Aiyyaa catches the smell of her dream man, follows the scent and finds a hunky Tamil student, whom she stalks; much to his annoyance. At the same time her barely sane parents are arranging her marriage to a good, sensible boy, who loves Marathi art cinema and rose-planting. The lead female protagonist's dream hunk mysteriously disappears and Aiyyaa is torn: should she settle for the rose garden or woo the stranger she desires as he smells good.

genre(s):  Comedy
director:  Sachin Kundalkar
certificate:  12A
distributor:  Tip Top Entertainment
running time:  152 Mins

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