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Hello Quo

release date 19 October '12

what's the story

A no-holds-barred insight into the astonishing 50 year careers of the legendary British rock band Status Quo. Released in cinemas October 22 for one night only.

With 128 million worldwide album sales already under their collective belts, two OBE awards, a million neon lit 'Sold Out' signs, a record 108 appearances on Top of the Pops, this will never be beaten or even equalled! You'd think that HRH Prince Charles favourite band had nothing more to prove in the field of entertainment... But, they've NEVER in all their long and glorious history been seen on a cinema screen...

genre(s):  Documentary
director:  Alan G. Parker
film cast:  Brian May, Chris Tarrant, Cliff Richard, Jeff Lynne, Joe Elliott
distributor:  Anchor Bay Ent Uk Ltd

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