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The Life Of Riley

release date 05 October '12

what's the story

A powerful, insightful and heart-warming feature documentary about legendary Blues man, BB King. Narrated by Morgan Freeman and featuring contributions by, amongst others, Eric Clapton, Bono, Ringo Starr, Carlos Santana, Slash, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger and Bruce Willis.

In order to create as insightful a film as possible, director Jon Brewer worked closely with BB for over 2 years, amassing 250 hours of footage. This is a no holds barred, powerful documentary feature that explores how a black kid born in Mississippi in 1925 turned his life around, battled against the odds and against unrelenting racism, to overcome even the toughest critics in the entertainment industry, to become KING OF THE BLUES, performing over 15,000 gigs to date and selling in excess of 40m records worldwide.

genre(s):  Documentary
director:  Jon Brewer
film cast:  B.B. King, Bono, Bruce Willis, Eric Clapton, Morgan Freeman
certificate:  PG
distributor:  Emperor Media Ltd
running time:  123 Mins

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