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Husbands (re)

release date 28 September '12

12A rated certificate
what's the story

John Cassavetes' epic comedy about life, death and freedom is back, three middle-aged friends Harry, Archie and Gus embark on a nihilistic voyage after the sudden death of an old friend. It's a journey that makes them question the very fabric and worth of their suburban lives.

Starring John Cassavetes, Ben Gazzara and Peter Falk and shot in a cinéma vérité style and scripted (or transcribed) by Cassavetes from arduous improvisational rehearsal sessions, Husbands is considered by many to be Cassavetes' directorial masterpiece, the point at which his filmmaking orthodoxy and innate desire for psychological dissection became one.

genre(s):  Comedy
director:  John Cassavetes
film cast:  Ben Gazzara, John Cassavetes, Peter Falk
certificate:  12A
distributor:  Park Circus Films
running time:  131 Mins

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