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In The Dark Half

release date 10 August '12

15 rated certificate
what's the story

Alistair Siddons' In The Dark Half tells the compelling and mysterious story of a teenage girl's journey through her own unsettled imagination.

Set half in gossipy, shallow suburbia and half in the mystical, eerie woods, the film explores the nature of depression and delusion whilst maintaining a chilling edge.

15-year old Marie and 6-year old Shaun are neighbours. Whilst Shaun goes on hunting trips with his father Filthy, a secret den in the hill has become Marie's refuge from a world she is finding increasingly difficult to cope with. One night, while Marie is babysitting for Filthy, Shaun suddenly dies in her care. As Filthy's grief threatens to overwhelm him, Marie becomes aware of another presence. It follows her from the hill into the city and it won't leave her alone. It wants something from her. Is it the spirit of Sean? Or her unresolved past creeping into her present and distorting her perception of reality?

Starring Tony Curran (Red Road), Lyndsey Marshal (The Hours) and Jessica Barden (Tamara Drew), In The Dark Half is a haunting and atmospheric story about love, grief and redemption with an unexpected twist.

director:  Alastair Siddons
film cast:  Georgia Henshaw, Jessica Barden, Richard Goss, Simon Armstrong
certificate:  15
distributor:  Verve Pictures
running time:  84 Mins

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