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The Wedding Video

release date 17 August '12

15 rated certificate
what's the story

Starring Robert Webb, Rufus Hound and Lucy Punch, The Wedding Video is a comedy set in the cut throat world of English society weddings. The Wedding Video is directed by Nigel Cole (Made in Dagenham, Calendar Girls), written by Tim Firth (Confessions of a Shopaholic, Calendar Girls), and produced by James Gay – Rees (Senna, Exit Through the Giftshop).

Raif (Hound), a shambolic oaf with a unique sense of humour, is asked to be his brother Tim’s (Webb) best man when he marries Saskia (Punch). To Raif’s surprise, he finds his once-bohemian brother is marrying into Cheshire’s most socially aspirant family. Saskia’s grandmother, Patricia (Miriam Margolyes) would give Hyacinth Bucket a run for her money and mum Alex (Harriet Walker) has successfully married into life in the ‘Cheshire Set’ – the English ‘Beverley Hills’. Raif’s present to the happy couple will be a video of their wedding. His film is our film – the final edited version with music, live action, interviews - the works. Amidst the chaos of planning their big day and fending off unwanted help the couple begins to wonder ‘whose wedding is it anyway?’

genre(s):  Comedy
director:  Nigel Cole
film cast:  Lucy Punch, Michelle Gomez, Miriam Margolyes
certificate:  15
distributor:  Entertainment Film Distributors
running time:  94 Mins

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